Kitchen & Dining
The Best Gatherings Begin In The Kitchen!
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The rustic charm of the handmade kitchen, shelves
& cupboards were created by our local craftsman,
right down to the Hazel handles which came from our garden!

85% of the wood used was sourced locally.

The kitchen is well equipped with a gas-fired hob & fridge, butler sink, enamel tableware, melamine tumblers and heavy glassware.

Oodles of pots, pans and utensils. The fridge has a small freezer section large enough for ice cube trays.

Undoubtably our large cast iron wood burner becomes the heart of the lodge providing your heating and cooking oven with its hot plate doubling - up as a hob with the oven section having a deep shelf for two oven trays. It is so satisfying to keep it stoked and feel the glow of the fire. It has a generous hearth and fireguard too!

Our long handmade wooden table has sheepskin covered benches providing plenty of seating for those sociable feasts.

We provide a starter kit including hand wash, washing-up liquid, bin bags, dishcloth, hand towel, tea towel, foil and kitchen roll. Also some condiments including olive oil, dried and fresh herbs & spices, salt & pepper, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Just for you - a gas hob for that very important quick cup of tea.

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