Living Area
Time to relax
507637_500x380f Super Spacious Super Stylish Safari Tents
507635_500x380f Safari Tent dining with a view
582504_500x380f Safari Tent dining with cosy sheepskin seating

Curl Up On The Sofa

Take In The Magnificent Views.

Ponder over our nautical map coffee table!

The dresser is home to Scrabble and other games including the Isle of Wight edition of Monopoly.

We have provided you with a selection of wind-up, solar powered, battery powered & LED candle lanterns and torches.

The sofa bed can be set up in this area making for a cosy space with gorgeous views of the sunrise! All doors and windows have privacy blinds.

A pair of binoculars & bird watching guide are there for you to enjoy.

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