Hints & Tips for First Time Glampers


Safari Tent Glamping holidays are growing in popularity here in the UK - an interesting & unique type of family holiday that encourages us all out of our comfort zone for a while. The experience is fun, adventurous, on trend, exciting and above all memorable. Find a glamping site that have a camp fire or fire pit and you can fulfil that dream of toasting marshmallows on the fire, blankets wrapped around your shoulders with big open star-filled skies overhead and a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge!

Glamping gives you the chance to reconnect with the countryside, disconnect from technology and rediscover the joy in our natural world. Many glamping sites are located off the beaten track and offer you the chance to go off-grid for a weekend. Taking a staycation has never been so appealing! However, you do not have to go without your creature comforts... glamping often fills the gap between hard-core camping and staying in a boutique hotel. Good glampsites will offer solar-powered lighting & usb charging. Refrigeration options can include gas or solar powered fridges & cool boxes. Heating can be provided by wood burning stoves, with some doubling up as a range-style oven complete with hot plate.

Hot water can be tricky but not impossible - again, wood-fired water heaters can be found or solar and gas powered showers.

Adult-sized beds are important with high tog duvets to ensure a cosy night under canvas. Pay attention to the size of the safari tent, although many claim to sleep 6-8, you have to dig a little deeper to check that you will all be comfortable, have your own bedrooms and storage facilities. Extras like hot water bottles, towels, bedding, inclusive wood, starter packs of toiletries etc mean that you can travel lighter. Young children are often catered for with the use of travel cots, highchairs etc.

Usually, the tents will be self-contained with toilets, baths or showers and a well equipped kitchen.

The country air and bombardment of its sights and sounds make for good nights sleep for all, even if the tent straps are vibrating in the wind! Everyone can feel part of the experience from bringing a wheelbarrow of wood to the tent, washing-up by hand, setting the campfire, switching on the LED candles, reading the story or planning a nature hunt in the meadow. Sometimes the simple things are the best - even if it is just for a few days.

Sprinkle in solar powered fairy lights and wind-up torches and you have a fabulous experience just waiting to be had.

We have seen friendship groups and multi-multi-generational family groups enjoying the time together with this new experience...

Departing guests often comment that their children have embraced the TV free experience, no WIFI - no problem! Honestly, give it a go.

You will also need to set your budget. Glamping can be a lot more expensive than camping and most prices are closer to what you would expect to pay for a night in a boutique hotel. The thing to remember here however is that you are also paying for a unique experience as well as the accommodation & facilities itself.

What to take with you depends on the good old British weather -

Consider how much you'll be outdoors when packing your overnight things. Wellington boots, wet weather gear, lots of layer, gloves, hats, warm clothing and a torch for example.

What to expect when choosing a glamping holiday

Don't assume that you are going to find a sterile hotel experience. Even if you stay in a tent with a wood burner and comfortable bed, you might still find the odd bug or small mammal, experience the odd draught and the unfamiliar sounds of the countyside outside your door.

Guests are are essentially on their own in the great outdoors, close to nature and away from the infrastructure, protection & luxury of brick walls, room service & central heating. The good news is that the majority of glamping sites don't require you to have any gear and offer amenities that you would not usually find at a traditional campsite.

The location of the site itself is important, where is the nearest pub, bus stop, beach, grocery shop etc. Its is a great idea to do your research first. Guest reviews give you a first hand comment to consider - when you find a great glamp site, you can experience camping at its best.

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