What Exactly Is Glamping?

You've probably heard the term before, but what exactly is glamping and why is it so popular across the world?

For those who haven't heard it before, glamping is a new luxury camping trend that is being embraced by multi-generational families, celebrities and royalty, and it is generating quite a fuss.

Glamping, glam camping, luxurious, posh, luxe camping, luxury boutique camping, or whatever you prefer to call it can be defined in one way. It's all about camping, but it's also all about smoothing the edges of roughing it.

The word 'glamping' is a portmanteau and blend of 'glamour' and 'camping'. The act of glamping allows travellers to enjoy all the benefits of camping with the added extras and comfort of a 5-star hotel. There are many different levels of glamping from simple, cute and bespoke to luxurious and opulent.

Glamping The Wight Way offer the largest and most spacious safari tents on the Isle of Wight which feature a roll-top bath, two toilets, an outdoor shower, a fridge, wood-burning stove and wood-burning water heater, solar powered lighting and fairy lights, oversized beds and bedding, bbq and fire pit and so much more. Three separate bedrooms, a fitted kitchen and handmade wooden fixtures, fittings and furniture.

Definitely not camping as we once knew it but glamping in style and comfort all under canvas in luxury, not forgetting our very special location in the West Wight.

The official definition is:

Glamping (noun) an abbreviation of 'glamorous camping'; glamping involves all the luxuries of home. 'Glampers' stay in yurts, tipis or luxury caravans, instead of basic tents.

Macmillan Dictionary

It isn't just about getting away for a time to be closer to nature and under the stars. It's also about visiting unique hospitality venues that are equipped to give their guests a unique, and often quirky, outdoor experience.

Wikipedia explains that it is

"the modern equivalent, combining both yesterday's amenities and today's technology. For the camper it must be inspiring, homely and authentic. It is nothing like a traditional camping experience, as it is luxurious and completely effortless. A 5 star experience under canvas, which focuses on the environment, respecting nature and keeping it high quality and as local and artisan as possible.

It is also about the glamping accessories and high end camping gear and accessories that people love to play with when they go on vacation."

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