From rocky beaches with caves to explore to miles of golden sand, the Island has it all!
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The Isle of Wight is bordered by fascinating beaches of all shapes and sizes.

Close to our site here at Glamping the Wight Way, we have some of the Island's most exciting beaches to explore.

Take a walk to Yarmouth and discover some of the mini-beaches, one of which is a bit of a hidden gem. Located to the right-hand side of Yarmouth pier, it's a small but perfectly peaceful beach, a perfect place to eat an ice cream!

A short walk from Yarmouth town is the old Fort Victoria. Explore the fort and its attractions before grabbing some lunch and heading down to the rocky, adventurous beach with its stunning woodland reaching right down to the shore.

Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

Close by, we've also got the stunning, sandy bays of Totland and Colwell which are perfect for sandcastles and swimming in clear waters. The famous surf at Compton Bay is also within easy reach.

Why not take the Alum Bay chair lift down the cliff side to see the coloured cliffs of Alum Bay - you can even take a short boat ride out to the Needles Lighthouse.

Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight

The most adventurous beach of them all - world-famous Freshwater Bay - is a short walk or drive away from our site. Flanked by white chalky cliffs with its Fort Redoubt at one end of the Bay, and the chalk stack at the other, you will discover great surf at high tide and spectacular caves and rockpools at low tide. (As ever, always check the tide times!)

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