Harvest starts at Kings Manor Farm - Glamping the Wight Way

Harvest time starts on the farm...

Glamping the Wight Way is set in the stunning landscape of countryside and farmland. Based on the working Kings Manor Farm on the banks of the River Yar in Freshwater, you'll feel a million miles from home. Harvest time has started here on the farm, a truly exciting time!

Our 'Claas' combine sets into the first field of rape for harvest 2022. Fantastic to see this wonderful piece of kit doing its stuff we've spent a long time nurturing our crops and they are looking great. They are not happy in this hot dry weather so time to harvest. Our fields of rape, wheat and beans will soon be on their way to the next step of the food chain and soon will be helping to feed the country.

Our rape (crushed to produce rapeseed oil) will be used for cooking and biodiesel. Our wheat will be used to make bread. Our barley goes off for whiskey and beer (win-win), and our beans will feed beef and dairy cattle.

Our team are very proud British farmers and very happy to be producing all these wonderful products for the UK market.

Glamping the Wight Way within the grounds of Kings Manor Farm. Watching the fields and changing landscapes from our tents is spectacular, particularly sunrise and sunset if you can pull yourselves away from luxury glamping that is.

Another benefit of harvesting is that it brings a multitude of wildlife out of hiding we can see field mice, hares, estuary birds, foxes even a sea bass!? Only on the Isle of Wight - either dropped by a bird or hidden away by a bear!

You decide!

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